About Us

We’re a local Thunder Bay company that’s been proudly serving the community since 1985. Clearview services both residential and commercial properties, with a specialty in customer service and exterior and interior window cleaning.

We strive to be one step above the competition by providing consistent, professional work at reasonable rates. All of our clients benefit by our ongoing, outstanding quality of workmanship that exceeds expectations. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Why Choose Us?

Clearview Services: Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Clearview offers the most professional job in the district. All of our employees are meticulous, friendly, trained professionals that come to each job looking for ways to exceed expectations. This is why we have had some clients for over 25 years. We service many large commercial buildings, storefront routes, condo complexes, high rises and residential properties.

  • Safety is our top priority.
  • Fully insured, with $5 million liability and WSIB
  • Highest quality of workmanship and professionalism
  • We use only top-of-the-line products that have been professionally designed, tested and proven to be the best in the industry.
  • Reliable scheduled services available.
  • We offer Pure Water Fed Pole cleaning services up to 65 feet.
  • All WFP operators are professionally trained at RHG Products in Denver, Colorado.
  • Our Pure Water Fed Pole system is custom designed and fabricated by specialists in this field.
  • All employees trained in working at heights, suspended access and window cleaning through the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association in Toronto.
  • We can carry 175 gallons of pure water to each job.
  • We carry up-to-date certificates in Ariel platform use, fall arrest and first aid.

Company History

Clearview Services: Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Ted Prochnau was seeking a business he could run out of his home while he cared for his family. His brother-in-law, Duane Keller (owner of Brightway Window Cleaning of Fargo, ND), showed him how to provide a high-frequency repeat business with low start-up costs and flexible hours. Soon, Ted realized he had all the characteristics needed to be a great success: friendly, honest, dependable, meticulous and fair. This is the foundation upon which Clearview was built so many years ago. After years of dedication to clients, it was time to pass the reigns to me, Shawn Prochnau. Ted viewed this as a great opportunity for his clients, himself, and, most of all, his growing family. I had always dreamed of taking the family business to next level and taking advantage of all the potential I’ve witnessed over the years. Thunder Bay was in need of a larger scale PROFESSIONAL window cleaning company. I made it my personal goal to provide my fellow residents with incomparable professionalism at reasonable rates while ensuring the highest quality workmanship and safest possible working conditions. It's simple... never cut corners! I never spared an expense when it came to safety, training, high quality tools/products or equipment. Now we are the leading window cleaning company in Thunder Bay and growing exponentially. We always try to be as fair as possible, but it's no secret that “you get what you pay for.” We may or may not be the lowest price. We offer quality, professionalism, and a “paneless experience.” We believe success is not measured in dollar signs. It is measured in happiness, and that is what we strive to accomplish for everyone!

Shawn Prochnau
Owner / Operator