We offer a full line of Interior and exterior glass cleaning services to both business and individuals who want to keep a strong, clean, professional image.

Residential window cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Clearview Services: Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Includes private homes, condos, apartments, town homes etc.
Cleaning of glass can be not only be difficult but dangerous as well! When you hire our team of expert window cleaners you get the best trained professionals in the industry! We have all the proper equipment to ensure the highest quality product in the safest manor. A CLEARVIEW experience includes screen removal and cleaning as well as tracks and frames within reason, on every inside out project also screen repair on site if requested prior. You can expect your professional to be well dressed, polite, meticulous, knowledgeable and trust worthy. We work with many homeowners to set up reliable scheduled services annually, semi annually and quarterly. We encourage you to take advantage of a free quote!

Includes storefront, office/apartment buildings, business/condo complexes, hotels etc.
The appearance and cleanliness of your building is critically important to you, your staff/tenants, current customers and your prospective customers. Each of our clients get the same attention to detail and quality service as the next regardless whether its a 10 minute job or a one week project. We use a variety of cleaning methods. Traditional cleaning with a squeegee, washer and pole. Used mostly for lower level glass and indoors. We also wipe all frames, sills and edges to ensure the most superior job. Pure Water Fed Pole cleaning used mostly for larger scale jobs up to 5 stories this is the most safe economical and effective method on today’s market. Bosun chair/Aerial lift used when the project is greater than 5 stories or the project can be done more effective or safer using an aerial lift. Whatever your commercial glass cleaning needs are we are the company you are looking for. We have been offering our services to some clients for over 25 years. The company you hire to service your building reflects back on you. So let a well dressed, professional with proper training take the liability off you and represent your image.

What is WFP (Water Fed Pole)?

What is Pure Water?

Clearview Services: Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Water Fed Pole systems offer the latest technology in pure water window cleaning. Using poles ranging from 2’ to 65’, a soft bristle brush that removes dirt, smears and contaminates and using only pure filtered water which dries naturally without leaving stains, this revolutionary process has rendered ladders obsolete.

The result is a more efficient, effective and safer delivery of service in less time. Windows stay cleaner longer as there’s no soapy residue to mix with rain and create stains. Expect flawless execution and perfectly clear, clean windows!

Pure water is mechanically filtered water. Clearview uses a carbon filter, dual reverse osmosis membranes and a DE-ionization filter. Water in its purest form removes the total dissolved solids (TDS) level to 0ppm from about 100ppm. The pure water bonds to dirt and grime, then gets extracted through the sheeting process with the WFP.

Benefits to WFP with Pure Water

  • Windows stay cleaner longer
  • No chemicals are used
  • Frames and windows are cleaned
  • Windows with limited access because of obstructions, awnings and solar panels are reached with ease
  • Windows can be cleaned effectively up to 65’ (20 metres) from the ground
  • No need for ladders, scaffolding or lifts
  • Operators work safely from the ground
  • Maintains privacy with reduced disturbance
  • WFP cleaning saves you money
  • Reduced health and safety risks and lower WSIB rates

Disadvantages to WFP with Pure Water

  • For buildings exceeding 4 stories, we recommend using a lift to ensure our high quality of workmanship.
  • First time cleans may take twice as long. Built up contaminates from the frames run on to the glass and must be removed. This initial process isn’t included in the price. Clearview provides this service in good faith with the confidence of further work.